Choo Choo Paddle

We are excited to bring the Choo Choo Paddle Shuttle Service to the St Louis River

LSMR partners with Spirit Lake Marina to shuttle kayakers one way upriver so they can paddle downstream. Tickets are purchased directly from Spirit Lake Marina. The train will pick you up at the marina (Spring St) while the marina transports your boat to Boy Scout Landing. You then get to enjoy the sights as the train goes along the St Louis River. Your boat will be waiting for you at the end of track near Boy Scout Landing. You then get to enjoy a paddle downstream back to the marina.     

Call our Partner Spirit Lake Marina & RV at (218) 628-3578 to make your Choo Choo Paddle shuttle reservation.

Bring your kayak or canoe to the marina or rent a boat from them.

The marina will arrange for the train to pick you up nearby for a one-way ride upstream.

The marina will take your boat to Boy Scout Landing while you ride the train.

At the train stop near the landing, you will disembark and meet the marina staff with your boats.

Enjoy a leisurely paddle downriver back to the marina.

The St Louis River through Duluth is a National Water Trail designated by the US National Park Service. Check here for more information from the MN DNR and the St Louis River Alliance.