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The Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad prides itself as an all-volunteer organization. The volunteers are essential to preserving our railroad heritage. There are no paid employees.
No previous railroad experience is necessary!

Some of the positions available are:


The conductor is in charge of the movement of the train, determining when it starts & stops. He/she provides travel orders to the engineer & fireman. They collects tickets & provides information to the passengers along the route.


The engineer is in charge of the operation of the locomotive. He/she prepares the engine daily by performing tests such as brake & systems checks. He works with the conductor to provide a safe & timely ride.


The fireman assists the engineer to provide a safe trip. He checks signs & crossings and communicates with the engineer & Conductor about the movement of the train. He throws switches & watches For safety issues & emergencies along the route.

Building Track ​

Building the track and keeping up the maintenance of the track are important jobs on the railroad. As track builders, you will be in charge of building any new track that is needed for the current track line as well as any future expansions to the railroad.

Track Maintenance

“The track crew” responsibilities may include jobs such as inspecting the track, watching for loose or broken rail, washouts, fallen trees or other hazards along the track. They may repair track & switches, trim trees & brush, remove debris from the track, clean water culverts, or many more related tasks.

General Volunteers ​

Much work is needed to keep the railroad operating. The picture above shows 2 volunteers directing traffic and parking cars in the lot. Other needs include building maintenance, painting, regular cleaning of the coaches, clearing track, restoration of coaches, engine maintenance, promotion of the lsmrr, scheduling of events and more.

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